I Never Thought

Written by: Sarah Jabri

I didn't know words can make you smile, If I knew all along, I wouldn't think for a while, Though it hurts too much, I'm sure it'll pass But the memory that lingers will forever last. If all I do is lie, then what else is there to say? If all I do is cry, then tell me how to say goodbye If you think I wasn't good enough, you're free to go And if she's the one for you, don't ever let her go. I never thought you'll be the one to break my heart Just for a new girl that you wanted to start And to think that I remember you said, You'll not try But you'll forever be with me and wont ever make me cry. If this is the love you meant, that I'm the one you'll always care Tell me now how many time they are truly there I don't want to speak to you anymore even just a simple Hi Because I can tell that's not what I want, but a forever goodbye.
Written on June 8, 2008