It Hurts To Smile

Written by: Sarah Jabri

It was never your intention to hurt me, It was never your intention to leave me, You just wanted to see me happy, And you without by my side, it will be easy. All these years you did nothing but cost me tears, Creating me a world of nothing but disgrace, But when you first saw me with this smile, You said we'll last forever not just for a while. It truly hurt me when you wrote those letters, You said it's not true but every word to me matters, I have never guess what changed your mind, You left me all alone, but not leaving me deaf and blind. What opened my eyes were your blinding words, It was a miracle when you brought me back, I could never understand why you sent me all those birds, When you never knew they're my favorites all these years. When you left me and bid your last goodbye, You kissed me and said I should never cry, You gave me your world just to see me happy, And the moment you did, I saw and heard with tears the sea.