He is risen

Written by: Stephan McBride

The coming of the Lord was foretold
From the beginning of the truth
God was preparing the way
For His son Jesus to be our sacrifice
to fulfill the pathway of life
Not because we deserve
but by His grace and love 
Through Him all debt has been paid
For those who believe inherit wealth
overflowing treasures in thy heart
released from bondage 
The world did not recognize Jesus
For their lack of seeking had them blind
confusion  upon the wicked
Jesus brought forth the word to dwell within
He gave His life so we could gain life
To be crucified a criminals death
but yet He knew not sin
The people placed Jesus in a tomb
and rolled a stone in front of it
and guarded it for three days 
in attempt to hold Him in the grave
putting a hold on the truth by putting Him to death
not seeing it was prophecy being fulfilled
In this day the Heavens rejoiced
An angel rolled away the stone
Jesus had abandoned the grave
death was defeated on that day
He is risen and prepared a table
we  now have access from a clean cup to drink 
while feasting on the bread of life
Calling upon the Lord with a broken spirit
seeking His will wholeheartedly 
Crucifying the old self
Allowing the Lord to guide
In order that he might  rise