Written by: Theresa a.k.a. Reecie

Sit. Listen. Smile. Laugh.
I don't feel like having
This conversation is dieing
So am I, or I'm trying

Breath. Move. Bend. Might.
Much worse than fright
Just have to keep going
No time for slowing

Touch. Null. Trouble. Nap.
Won't give me many facts
Still I'm required to
Live life through

Give. Hunch. Gargle. Honor.
Few have actually pondered
What is true loneliness
To be alone has what affects

Doubt. Figure. Duck. Fight.
Many tremble at the sight
But I can manage
And that's my advantage

Admire. Wonder. Almost. Whisper.
I may be quicker
But that can't save me
From my destiny of fading

Repent. Call. Rise. Casual.
It's really only natural
Although seemingly unfair
We're all scared