Purple Flower

Written by: Halie Doland

 A single flower from that your from
With love and care we watched you grow.
From six inches to twelve feet tall, 
You were starting to show. 
It's that permisquous YOU that fills the room.

 It's the start of a new season
And almost time for you to fly. 
To grow tall and to show your shine. 

 Reaching for the stars has not been an easy climb.
But with looks like yours
And a role model you are. 
Anything is possible, when you try.

 Your easy flowing mood,
Moves with the slightest (of) breeze. 
And when times get hard
Your a strong tree. 

 So don't forget who you are: 
A bright and beautiful,
Brave and broad, and 
A strong and sensuos young lady, 
You have become.

This poem goes to my sister, she is graduating this year.