The Purple and White Zig Zagged Kite

Written by: Josh Whipple

It was 4:04, late in the afternoon,
My mom shouted, honey please come in soon.
There was supposedly a storm nearby that was pretty heavy,
Little did I know that it was just beyond that brand new Chevy.
Before I knew it, the storm hit the Jones’s home,
The storm was just starting its long and deadly roam.  
The kite’s zig zag pattern resembled the lightning in the sky,
When it was suddenly struck down I just had to wonder why.
As I looked at the remains of a once beautifully crafted kite,
I felt the ruined gift given to me by my cancer-struck grandmother, Jane Louise Wright.
I thanked God in that instant that the lightning didn’t strike me flat,
Throughout the darkened town, raindrops fell with a splat.   
Later the next day I kneeled by the 46 year old barn,
Then buried the remains along with the yarn. 


Thank you to Carol Brown for starting my journey off with such positive words.