Jesus our Savior

Written by: John Loving III


          Jesus our savior
          son of God
          Jesus the messiah
                                 Gods only begoten son
                                 perfect in his ways
                                 fitting every discription
                                 defeated every law
                                 with a single perscription
                                 born of a woman
                                 so He could be a brother
                                 and yes he had sisters
                                 but for all He is our Father
                                 Adoni, Lord, Elohim, God
                                                                    Jehovah-jireh, my provider
                                                                    Jehovah-nissi, my banner
                                                                    Jehovah-shalom, my peace
                                                                    Jehovah He that is
                                                                    He is Elohim
                                                                    our Hokhmah, planner of the universe
                                                                    our Binah, His intelegence and wisdom
                                 our Gevurah, His divine judgment
                                 our Shekinah, His presence
                                 for Netsah, forever and ever
                                 El Shaddai, Almighty God
                                 the enemy of sin and death
                                 who would one day
                                 sacrifice Himself
                                 one final offering to end it all
                                 and sentence satan to his final fall
                                 hollowed be His name that day
                                 the day His son came out the grave
                                 hollowed be His name that day
                                 He keeps the promise that He had made
                                 to come again and raise us from our graves
                                 but untill then we remember
                                 with bread and wine
                                 and two days of the year
                                 kids think of all the time
                                 toy day and candy day