-Who Are You Mr Hate-

Written by: Christopher Stopford

Who are you Mr Hate
Why have you come to divide
What cause do you serve
Is your goal to mock and deride
Why do you dare compete
With the Omnipotent GOD OF LOVE.

Why Mr Hate 
do you strive to destroy 
you and your cousins
aunts, nieces and nephews
uncles and siblings
sneak in animosity's might
and are the cause of all man's blight.

Why are their names
envy, greed and anger
jealousy green
your name smeared
bloodied red
your every step
accursed dread.

Why is your seven evils
the path that leads to despair and hunger
and is shrouded with pain and murder
is that your path your tormented shame
is your god
the demon of hell.