Love under the Dollar

Written by: steven cooke

In kindle dreams her life retreats
With Botox swagger
And gel filled glory
A plastic rose
Hiding a once varicose being

A flower with a sting
Whose predatory ways
Leach off this sexual forest
Of spar infested vanity
Where youth is for the innocent
And cougars dine on essence divine
With triffid fingers and mosquito convulsions
Of unspoken ways for 
 The dollar will always pay

And when her thirst has gone
The dark of reality descends
Hiding the face of yesterday
Whose masquerade is left on morning pillow
A Monet impression to greet the light

The camera is stopped
The potions are in a queue
For her vanity waits
Another audience with snow white
This imposter among the weeds of creation

And in the balcony the fashion clones swoon
Sculptured dolls under butchers knife
Waiting with credit card lines
To feed on groped applause 
And we will envy them

We that live in the mud of this life
We Parasites and leaches
We Saints and Pulpit Preachers 
For we all envy things
That we cannot be

Envy things that
Come in dollar dreams
That buys the illusion
That one day you will envy me