Written by: Patrick Cornwall

Slowly I knock on your invisible door.

Listening for your cold heart and I wait

The silence comforts me and your heart is asleep

I pick up the invisible glass of your blood

It is drunk slowly as I taste and the savors

I don't have to be quiet but I am a Mime

I should have screwed my silencer on my gun

 I wait at your door and hope you will see me

Amidst the shadows like wallpaper I hang

A single tear rolls on my whitened cheek and the glisten

I  watch with an incredible ache as he comes in and the sadness

I gladly tap him on his shoulder so we can dance and I long

But I am not noticed and I shudder and yet I keep watch

And the pain

I see you again in the subway as I do tricks and my cup

My faithful cup filled with memories and coins

Coins that i can never use

I have no pockets to keep my feelings in and the coins

I slowly move and  bravely part my lips

I gently and silently kiss your sleeping lips but am left bitter

Tomorrow i will do more of the same