Once Lost Now Found

Written by: Deb Wilson

She smelled the lilacs and danced in the rain,
a whisper of joy on her face.
Till Mama called her to supper again
and she sat at her own special place.

There once was a time she cried to be found;
in darkness withstood all the hurt.
Nobody listened so she made no sound
as she lay in the stillness and dirt.

A little girl lost,one they never chose;
she was just a bit older than most.
An angelic face but in cheap,tattered clothes,
always looking like she'd seen a ghost.

Sweet was her nature and kind was her heart
yet every time she was let down.
Expectantly dreaming she'd get a new start;
a real family in a new town.

One day a couple came into the childrens home
looking for kids to adopt.
When up to her side they finally did roam
they knew their long search had stopped.

Now the rest is history as they say;
a happier child you won't find.
Showered with such love every day,
she's finally found peace of mind.

written by Deb Wilson 
for contest"Children in Rhyme"
sponsored by Francine Roberts