Jesus my Liberator

Written by: John Beam

Given the truth will lead you into all truth                        									Men under the rose so dispose to bind 										       The secret machinery grinding to Cain        									    Men set free they wrench back from whence they came     							In pretense they know the way man to man    								 Tangled again the rent made now worse than                                                                                                                              	Form of knowing know not Him that formed             								Nothing hid that shall not be informed                                                                                                                     	Pulling you in alternate discretions        										      Blind guilds using sublingual expressions 										The truth be known the whispers in the dark                                                                                                                           	are heard in the light of the highest arch                									Pumping you up with promises they cannot keep                             					Themselves bound and do not enter in I weep                                                                                                                	Turn key in a door to another way  										            Claiming names seems right but only one saves