You Do Not Always Get What You Want

Written by: Virginia Mitchell

You Don’t Always Get What You Want

Two kids: A tall girl and a short boy, 
Sat at the table with frowns on their face.
Anxious to play with a brand new toy,
They pushed noodles from place to place.

Mother left the room to answer the door.
Jim, the boy said to Jill, the girl,
“Wonder what Auntie got at the store?”
“A dolly,” she said, “With a cute little curl!”

Jim started crying and kicking his chair
“Don’t say such a thing that can’t be true-
I don’t want a doll with golden hair!
My toy will be brown, or green, or blue.”

Soon, Mother returned with a sparkle in her eye.
She knew that the kids were waiting to know
What their favorite aunt had found to buy.
Jim got a Barbie, and Jill got a  yo-yo.

Contest Name: children in rhyme 
Sponsor: Francine Roberts