What Love Is Not

Written by: Danny Stinson

At one time I used to feel What I now believe is not real. This girl I knew once held my heart, And it is from there that I shall start: Our eyes made contact from across the room; Like a siren's song, it spelled my doom. She came to me, and asked my name. I answered her, and she did the same. An instant spark did light a fire, Soon I was filled with brimming desire. A few weeks passed; I was in love. She was a gift from the gods above. Divine would be too soft a word, And her voice was far sweeter than any bird. With eyes more vivid than all the stars She gazed away my pain and scars. Two years elapsed, and we were in bliss: I could feel our vow sealed in every kiss. But my demons soon clawed their way back, For my thoughts were consumed with the murkiest black. She promised me she would never leave, Though all that changed when I rolled up my sleeve. All those years were then erased, She left as tears bled from my face.