Entertainment Really

Written by: Robert Ball

Entertainment comes in every shape and form.
From plays on stage, to theatre co-ops, to movies, these are the norm.
Remembering movies like Mary Poppins to Cleopatra.
Productions crews, make films from theatre, to television soap operas.

Nowadays you rarely see any moral induced movies,
Violence, killing, perversions, all made for audiences they’re trashy.
Us older folks, who went to movies in the sixties rarely saw smut.
Not needed then to show great actors talents, now it’s all we got.

On billboards, coming attractions, you see such a strange diversion.
All it does is show how man is set on screen perversion.
A famous western writer said once, “It has no place in moral society.”
The movies of today show all kinds of social notoriety.

Longing for the good ol’ days, elders wish they’d return.
This is what we crave, a good old fashion western, where a station is burned.
Indians, cowboys, like John Wayne and Gary Cooper, in their prime.
Now perversions, subjected to the way of the land, good movies are not in this time.

A wholesome society, one with a moral compass, is the order of the day.
We should boycott this smut, and make movies the right way.
What a message to our children, rebellion and chaos is the tragedy.
Let me have Gary Grant, Bob Hope, and the golden era of comedy.