Sunrise, Sunset

Written by: Abigail Saunders

Today seemed so long,
Now a day is almost gone,
But its about to get so much better yet
As I whatch the beautiful sun set.

Sunrise, Sunset,
How much better can it get?
Up and down all day long,
Now it's here, now it's gone

I love the darling sunrise,
Into it birds fly.
I love it's colour's, purple, pink,
It makes it much easier to think

The sunrise marks a brand new day,
How much more can I say?
All those things that I haven't done,
I can do at the rise of a sun.

Sun burning in the sky, just a ball of gas.
Just a burnng, spluttering, churning, great, big mass.
Somehow it makes one feel calm,
Like a very meaningful Psalm.

I do like sunset,
I whatched as the sun and horizon met.
Then slowly,slowly still,
They'll leave for now untill,
The next day that will come yet!

I do like sunrise although,
I like sunset also!
I cannot decide which is better,
A sunriser or a sunsetter!

I just cannot see,
What the difference can be!

I will say, I like them both,
This I swear, this I oath.
There really is nothing better,
Than a sunriser and a sunsetter