Whisper In My Ear

Written by: Jonathan Bellmann

Whisper, whisper in my ear 
Tell me what I want to hear. 
Tell me that we’ll never part, 
That you’ll never break my heart. 

Hold me, hold me tight, 
Hold me gently through the night. 
When in anger when in years
Never ignore me or disappear;
Touch me with your loving hands, 
Cradle me when fears command.

Build me, build me a happy home
Filled with love and laughter; 
Build me treasures that never rust, 
Treasures built from loving trust. 

Hide me, hide me in your love 
Deeper than the sky above,
Closer than your beating heart
Together from the very start. 

Talk with me, share your day
Let me help you along the way. 
Be my staff, so to lean, 
Be my friend with whom I dream. 
Forever yours I will be, more
Than what I've asked of thee.