Eagle Soar

Written by: Robert Ball

Did you ever see an eagle soar?
Majestic, gliding eloquently in the high air.
Our perception is the way they fly.
As clouds surround them so far up in the sky.

When they spot their prey, they zoom to the target.
Instantly jetting to the earth, there’s no stopping it.
Talons like vices they grasp their prey.
Fly off instantly, and they are fed for the day.

All flying creatures are amazing in their beauty.
On instincts, they surely survive it’s their duty.
We as men are truly amazed at their grace.
Flying, turning in the air, at a tremendous pace.

The Lord has made this earth for man to possess.
A gift from God to man are his loving ways and grace.
Love is our Father’s edict, Love His creations.
Man should take heed this is a Love inbred in us, to Love all the nations.

We, no matter what, bleed the same color-red.
No matter of race, we are human we shouldn’t dread.
Following the Commandment, “Thou shall not kill”
God is telling us to Love, it is what our Father wills!