Love's Enduring Joy

Written by: Jonathan Bellmann

A woman sits alone starring into a frigid,
Wind-swept snow through a frosted window
Moistened by her breath.

Deeply she breathes with melodious ease
Preoccupied by the moment, 
Unaware and too upset to care. 
Eyes desolate, glowering in disbelief  
Stare into a realm of her own making
Forlorn, untouchable, inconsolable. 

Tightly she grasps a woven blanket  
Upon her legs draping, swaying
Above the floor. 

The odor of burnt wood pervades the air; 
From a hearth the crackle of embers  
Echo through a shrouding silence.

From among the shadows a young girl 
Steps forth; stopping, gently touching
The woman’s arm as she whispers
Into her ear.

The eyes of the woman awoke,
Surprised by the young child 
As they tenderly embraced;
Tears laden with joy flowed
Down her weary face.

Together, yet apart the child
Said nothing as she took one step back
Into the dark.
“I love you mother” the child said
As she disappeared into the silence.