If I Were A Tree

Written by: Jonathan Bellmann

If I were a tree what kind would I be? 
Would I see more of life
If I felt less strife? 
Would my worth grow with time 
Like fine wine?
Will my beauty last? 
Will my color show in the midst of snow? 
Would famine, fire, disease or flood
Diminish my will to be, 
My desire to know who created me? 
Would I feel rain?
Would I complain of endless pain?
Would I tire of standing with nothing to do? 
No bending low, no thoughts to sow, 
No whispers to sound; 
No laughter
No crying no sighing. 
If I were a tree would my Lord be with me? 
Would I reach for heaven knowing I’d never go?
Am I a treasure to be bought and sold 
To be left alone out in the cold?
If I were a tree it would be 
The one that had Christ nailed to me 
For all to see.