Then On

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

                            THEN ON

To the end of their lives 
these Soldiers fought,
to protect their loved ones
from the axis thoughts.

Past these very graves,
the trail leads on.
It guides their comrades
to the attack at dawn.

As each buddy passes by,
he stops, bows his head
and says a prayer..
Then on …to do his share.

Written by Rene F. Dufresne 1917-1998
Corporal in WW2
Circa 1943

This poem was recently found by my sister in an old trunk and was
written by our Father Rene F. Dufresne while serving in the 
armed forces in the front lines During WW2. He always had a poetic 
bent but never had the time to develop it.
God bless his soul
and may he rest in peace.

-Robert A. Dufresne.