End Up Where I Began

Written by: Terrell Martin

Years gone by I photographed The sun rise and set, capturing Kaleidoscopic colors cascading Dawn to dusk across the untouchable touch Of God’s unfathomably deep skies. Overlooking cathedral towers and Ancient battle fields where blood flowed warm and red; Church steeples standing sentinel over cemeteries Of the long ago lovely, now dreaming and drifting past Stadiums over-filled with laughing, languishing, living dead sentient beings; Museums, libraries and roads connecting and converging Past, present, future and all points infinitely between. In my mind I photographed these. But now I sit devoid of film, No camera lens to capture stills Other than this life I’ve led Step by step inside my head from Life to life and death to death, Ever so thankful for every flower, seed, smile And whisper of gentle wind upon my face. Step by timeless step, inching towards the inevitable rendezvous Of who I really am, knowing Somewhere between the light of day and dark of night I’m bound To end up where I began: With ONE Eternal Photograph in Hand.