Tell Him

Written by: Leonora Galinta

Please tell him,
That I thank him
For once in my life,
Someone came to show he cares.

Please tell him
Everything was just a dream,
And my love for him
Is no longer the same.

Please tell him,
No more tears for him
T'is last teardrop falls,
Is my joy for the new beginning.

Please tell him,
Though he gave me pain,
I still keep on loving him,
From time to time, especially in my dreams.

After going through
Mending my broken heart,
Everything will gonna be alright,
Soon, I will finally survive.

Please do tell him,
When he made me believed,
That his love for me is so intense,
Was all just a crazy thing.

For now, my feelings keep drifting,
His memories linger in my heart,
Oblivion just be on air,
As I tear his souvenirs apart.