True Colors

Written by: Duane LaChance

I sit here staring into space
Black and white is common place
Many see reds and browns
And other colors as seen on clowns

Black and white is all I can see
Other colors are so empty
I can see clearer than most people can
Except for colors such as cyan

I wonder if I’ll ever regain my sight
So I won’t only see colors of the night
Some say that I am blessed
But you should see how I’m dressed

There are colors I can see
So now I feel an epiphany
To let the whole world to now
I can feel color like I feel snow

Look at the girl who is so blue
This is a color with an awful hue
And look at the man who is mellow
Deep inside he’s really yellow

So you know that I can see
Many colors all around me
My eyes may not work all that well
But that won’t keep me in a shell

Next time we meet I will place
A color for you so I can relate
I won’t have to use names ever again
I will just use color as your brand

Duane A. LaChance Sr. - 2012