A Message

Written by: Melinde Guadalupe

All of us are equal in this world Being greedy is not always good Caring means you have a heart like gold Delightful, true and is always bold Everyday we meet someone new Figuring out their own point of view Generous person we found it few Helpful there are some that we once knew In this present time we seek for love Just like the moon and the stars above Keeping their light to make us all prove Letting us know the true kind of love Many said that they are unlucky Never thinking what is good today Only them can make their life lucky Pushing life forward positively Quitting problem is not the answer Rearrange it and be more stronger Stood up straight and let go of anger Then soon, everything will be nicer Under God's influence and teaching Various life could have better living We could have wider understanding X-ray vision for everything Yes, just make believe and you will find Zero outcome, never put in mind