Written by: Shadaab Mumtaz

I was sober when I was feeble. I had flaws and knew it too. A taste of higher ranks was enchanting to me. The glamour, the pride was just so cool In reality, I looked grounded When a whiff of success touched me low. I tried to be the same old guy, Who never had seen affluence before! It started as a senseless influence. Behold! It had corrupted my soul. Before I knew the way to crawl I ran towards fire as if it was cold. I rest on the thorny bed of rocks, And I sleep not till the pill goes in. If I had something which could make me rest, I would give this chaotic world to him! Exhumed in pride and unhampered by travesty, I travel alongside the faceless men. The debt of success is not repayable. A slow decay into indistinguishable remnants. The vertigo of my rise is uncharacteristic. It feels as If I am buried into layers of grime. A lesson to remember you all must wonder, I will unabashedly smirk when it is your time!