The Fairy Folk

Written by: Abigail Saunders

                                            Deep in the forest
                                        Where no one ever goes,
                                 You can hear the singing of fairies,
                                     And their twinkling little toes!

                                        If you are brave and bold,
                                         And not afraid of night,
                                  You may find this wonderful land,
                                        And this wonderful sight!
                                     Not many people know this,
                                       For I am only telling you
                                       Not one thing is made up
                                    Every word of my story is true!

                                        I wish I could see the fairies
                                          And their sparkling eyes,
                                            Sleeping on the roses,
                                                  Every fairy lies.

                                             Waiting for the morning,
                                             Paitently in their sleep.
                                               Dreaming of tomorrow
                                               In their pillows, deep.