duty and desire

Written by: The Situation

a duty is an obligation
lawfull in it's nature
a desire is an invitation
no lawfull will is required

a duty compells one to act
while desire look's for

a duty can be honorable
courageous and justified
and desire loving, kind
and modified

a husband can perform
duties for his wife
without the desire
of pleasing her life

a husband can give her 
the things she needs
without consideration
of the food the soul feeds

a husband can promise 
for the rest of his life
but it really does'nt matter
if it is'nt pleasing his wife

there is a duty to go home
and a desire to bring flowers
a duty to phone
and a desire to spend hours

a duty to love and love
are two different things
one could be desire
and the other just a ring

where one is earthly
the other a heavenly thing
with in giving and recieving
where would your soul be