Summer and What It Means To Me

Written by: Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Sand dunes reflecting blazing heat burn tiny feet. 
Undulating waves wash the shores with their cooling.
Morning Glory vines climb high offering a nectar treat. 
Mockingbirds soar above gardens, insect seeking.
Every school-aged child enjoys long awaited freedom.
Remembering what they learned lost on their tandem.
Aphids, mosquitoes and dragonflies are out chomping.
Nests are empty and birds are on the wing, singing.
Dutiful adults teach life skills to offspring, adoring.
Wonderfully, dawn’s first light begins with radiant glows.
Honey fills the honeycomb; bees pollinate bright flowers.
A young squirrel leaps from limb to limb as he grows.
Towers appear in yards as ants busily work for endless hours.
Immediacy is somehow interlaced with peaceful singing.
The children visit libraries, nymphs, gremlins and princesses reading.
Marvelous are the mechanics of our ever-changing world.
Eternity comes to mind, as beauty fills the summer, steadfastly.
Another year amid the intricately interwoven creatures swirled.
Not by chance, but by design, the mind of God created wisely.
Survival strategy: genetic variability amid each species' seed.
Temperatures rise; all living, hope for the sound of rain showers.
Over the rise on a future day, cooling winds will bring fall.
Meanwhile, this is summer and what it means to me.
Exquisitely fashioned nature to make mundane cares flee.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
April 1, 2011