A Snail Emerged From a Shell

Written by: peggy caulfield

A child when young
Could be compared to a snail,
Hidden away 
In a shy little shell.
Having parents divided 
Because one didn't care,
Caused turmoil and upset
I lived in my fear.
My loving mother
Turned our lives around,
She planted her feet
On God's holiness ground.
As life passed by
My life took a turn,
I emerged out of my shell
And freedom I learned.
I finished my schooling 
Earned a teacher's degree,
Got married, play the piano
And have a small family.
Now I'm a home school teacher
To my two and one more,
With tutoring on the side
I have know time for bore.
Thank God for the quiet time
So little I get,
I pick up my pen
And write like a poet.