Melly and the Sour Witch

Written by: Samia Ali Arroyo

Once upon a time there was a girl named Melly. Who lived in the Kingdom of Jam and Jelly. The fruits in the kingdom were very, very sweet. So when they made their jellies they were such a lovely treat. Now in this land of jelly, the trees bore many fruits. They were the sweetest anywhere right down to their tree roots. Then one sunny morning Melly’s mother came and said. Please pick some real ripe cherries and make sure they’re very red. So Melly took her basket and she started on her way. But soon forgot about her chore and she began to play. She played along the cherry trees and past the berry vine. And then she reached the forest with the sour witch’s sign. ‘No trespassing,’ she read the sign, ‘By order of the witch.’ Who lived across the river, right beside a real deep ditch. Now Melly knew about the witch and how she was so sour. And also that the witch’s brews were known to have great power. For in her brews the witch would mix the strangest, scary things. Like tail of skunk and egg of hawk and even black bat wings. Then she added lemon rinds to give it sour spice. And said her incantations as she stirred it once or twice. When Melly reached the witch’s cabin luckily she found. The witch had fallen fast asleep so Melly made no sound. She crept up to the witch’s pot and dumped her cherries in. And then she used the witch’s spoon and gave it a good spin. Suddenly the sour witch awoke to her surprise. And said she did not tolerate small people or small spies. Melly quickly told the witch, “I’m not a spy at all. I’m just a little girl and that is why I am not tall.” The witch did not believe her, stating, “I’ll take care of you. I’ll make you very sour with my homemade witches brew.” Melly tried to hide her face for it was full of glee. She said, “I’ll have a great big glass if you have one with me.” The witch agreed and soon the two were drinking from the pot. The sour witch did not know why but she sure drank a lot. “My brew has never been so good. It tastes so very sweet.” Then little Melly told the witch how she had made the treat. The sour witch was so consumed with sweetness, she exclaimed. “I’m sorry I have been so mean, I really am ashamed. Do you think that I can pick some fruit from jelly land? I promise all my brews will be the sweetest and so grand.” So Melly certainly agreed and then became her friend. That was how the trouble with the witch came to an end. From then forever after, neither witch nor brew was sour. Because she had discovered that the sweetness has more power.