Love is blindness

Written by: Mark Russell

Love is blindness I want to see,
All these feelings inside of me.
I look yet cannot understand,
I try to hold on the best I can.

I want to hear the words said,
But they rattle inside my head.
I want to break free find my way,
Yet I wind up at yesterday.

Love is blindness the world dark,
I see this hope inside my heart.
All the things that I put in,
I find the start yet can’t begin.

I want myself to just break free.
I see what is not what may be.
I feel trapped inside these walls,
The sun fades the curtain falls.

Love is blindness bright as the sun,
Now it has vanished I come undone.
I want to feel the warmth once more,
I cannot see that this is in store.

I find myself so I move on,
I can’t worry about what is gone.
Still I think once more of you
Love is blindness love is true.