Hearts and Thoughts

Written by: Mark Russell

Hearts and thoughts just fade away,
Trapped inside memories I wish could stay.
My minds wanders as my feet roam,
Searching for the place that I once called home.

My lips move as I try to speak,
Today lingers and feels like a week.
I listen yet no words are spoken,
Nothing returns to this heart that’s broken.

I just want to see a smile and say hello.
I see that it’s impossible and have to go.
I remember all that I used to know,
The seeds I have planted shall they ever grow?

I seem to get lost inside decisions made,
Hearts and thoughts still fade away.
I see what I have and what is lost
I just see another opportunity tossed.

I feel so tired as I lose some fight,
As I return to the dark of the night.
The stars and moon provide some light,
Hearts and thoughts fade out of sight.