-What Price-

Written by: Christopher Stopford

A bucket of sweat
a cup of blood
is that the worth 
of that ounce of flesh?

Why does Love have 
always itself to prove
over and over again
in counting the cost of pain.

What price has Love
a cost to pay?
how do you weigh
the Affinity's song? 

To who does it all belong?
How much the worth 
of a Soul at stake
what is the price that man must make?

Who is there, just to Love
for the Loving sake?
Who is there to free this world
from mayhem's grasping turmoil?

Is Love not a joyous binding,
a bonding of Spirits
for freedom's peace
that it, to one another brings.

Does Loving Love
considerations cite
has strings attach 
at a price to match?

What price has Love
a cost to pay?
How do you weigh 
the Loving Way?

What cost
 has regretted lost?
When will Affinity's day 
have it's Loving say?