Finding Needles in the Hay

Written by: Mark Goodson

All men approach the inevitable hardships of choices made or forced upon
A day of “paying the Piper” some may say 
Does one go about endlessly searching- trying to live as if won
Or get down and dirty- on hands and knees-searching for the answer to life’s impossibilities
A parent’s love and concern for the addict child- will my baby ever be OK
The face of rejection in a divorce- the feeling of worthlessness and betray  
Death of a family member- the emptiness they leave 
The- I want to be when I grow up- but it’s never achieved
The loss of friendships- when you choose to do the right thing
These needles in the hay- searching for impossibilities- we tarry on
The needles of lost keys, eyeglasses, or wallets seem trivial in comparison
One simply retraces steps having taken- then the needle is not lacking
But the needles of real life are worth one’s searching
How wonderful to the parent having the prodigal son’s return
How hope on earth is gained in the miracle of a new born grandchild
How comforting new friends become- having ethics and values as me
How wonderful to find love- a lover who would choose me
How grateful for work –whose talent I am blessed
Persistence the key to hardship’s impossibility 
The joy of accomplishment when having found the needle in the hay