Written by: Elenore Sprague

The snow fell down. It covered the ground, in a blanket of white. What a beautiful sight. Children grinned from ear to ear. As they saw the heavenly snow appear. There were thoughts of playing in the snow. Building a snowman, with eyes of coal. The snow is enjoyed by young and old. Everyone bundles up for the cold. The sleds come out. The children shout. "I love the snow, I love the snow." It's fun to watch the families, having fun with their kiddies. Have you ever made an angel in the snow? Then watch it disappear when the wind did blow. Were you ever in a snowball fight that lasted all day until the night? There is sking and ice skating to name a few, of the winter sports people like to do. There are hazards too. When roads are bad. Accidents, many or few , could be had. Enjoy the snow and have some fun. Don't drive your car, like a Son of a Gun. Drive careful and take your time. You'll reach your destination, in due time. The snow comes falling down In every country, city, and town. It won't last forever. It'll melt away. The sun will come out, and shine all day. Go out and enjoy it while you can. Go out and make a big snowman.