Forever Within

Written by: Chuck Keys

I watched the rain
Pouring forever, 
It seemed.

Later, the Sun, 
The moon and stars
Still – silently glowing, 
Forever it seemed.

My body occupied their space, 
Evolving thoughts traveled elsewhere
Trying to connect together
Brilliantly glowing alone – apart.

I watched what was there
Trying to understand a connection
Senseless frigid thoughts of oddity
Fitting inside was not possible, again
Always outside – where it isn’t cramped
Enough room to feel the stillness - usually.

I had no face.  Timid.  I 
Was indescribably blending in with whiteness
Erased by the superficial nothingness of time and space
Where people resided with their clothes of jewels, gold and furs.

Naked and exposed I lived amongst the forgotten few by the many
Clad with my pure innocent unrefined rags of thoughts, ideas and brittle crumbs
Leftovers for the “fairy tales of once upon a time” … the soulful ones
Definable only by the inside of myself from within myself. 
Separated by inevitability, not by choice, maybe but still outside. 

I remain condemned by who I am 
To live within
Inhaling the warmth solitude of self-expression
Forever within.

© Charles H Keys, 2012.  All Rights Reserved