Life Beginning

Written by: Duane LaChance

I often wonder where life began
Was it in the water or from a grain of sand
I sit and ponder this world of ours
As I sit and sip this beer in this bar

As I sit and drink this beer of mine
That cost me a whopping three forty nine
It starts to become clearer to me
That life began when I could see

I opened my eyes when I was born
And looked at the world as being torn
Things didn’t make much sense you see
As of course you guessed I was a baby

As I grew older and wiser as the years past
I still looked at life as being aghast
It finally came to me in this hops and oats
I captured in the next passage of my notes

Things in the past I cannot change
And in the present I have no shame
I actually believe in who I am
I am where life began

Duane A. LaChance Sr.  -  2012