Written by: Paula Larson

Together at all odds
dysfunctional applause
confirms its trained reality
to battle as in reckless scowl
the matter bearing flaws!

Think not appraisingly
some truth the real well spring,
Ah so ~ it's force, that brings to wit
a winning that is still albeit
contention as the core remit!

The realm of sentry's skies
while flowers touch their eyes
memorial of a silenced foe
and justice compromised to row
laid heedlessly ~ their courage stow!

War is for generals ~ they must know
to live to fight ~ continuing show
their names remembered, more than ours,
victors released purged numbers scarred
stay cost assembled ~ trust not marred?

Peace is for equals ~ government pars
who fast and pray and gather jars
for candles to embrace the stars 
not fitful timing ~ budget's barred
to rates contention ~ money's ploy!

The Empire's schedule, their nation's buoy
floats more concern for elegance flount
while still what's left comes home to stow
within their wounds, trespassing's count,
teach peace, this warrior's lost war's font!