My Depression

Written by: Samantha-Jane Smith

I'll admit that I have tried to commit suicide. i have tried many times with a perscription drug overdose, i ended up in the hospital several times for it. I went to that assembly and now i feel very ashamed of myself. I suffer from depression, and feel like i have no one to talk to. My aunt/ guardian passes it off as a "just a teenage thing". When i was sitting there watching these little shows on the right and wrong thing to do when someone is talking about commiting suicide. i related to a lot of it. i wrote down the numbers so i can talk to someone and get help. when i was depressed, i starved myself and when i did that i ended up in the hospital. a lot of my friends were worried, especially +Elmo Frazier, i was killing myself without even knowing it. i starved myself to where i now am at risk of fainting and not waking up, developing severe anemia, protein loss, i have epilipsy (seizures). my depression caused me to push people out of my life, and when i tried to get them back, they didn't want me. i've been rejecte my mother left me and thats when my depression started. i was physically abused and now im verbally abused. when i need to talk to someone, no one listens. i often go home and drink to make myself feel better. u keep myself locked up in my room and think very often of commiting suicide, and then i think about what it would be like when i finally did commit suicide, and what would happen to my friends and family and how they would feel. i'm admitting this to you all so you can see how i feel. i'm going to get help for my depression.