Looking through the mirror

Written by: Larissa summitt

 Ugly,  sad, or even depressed? 
Why do I feel so alone plus I’m getting real stressed, to this world I am a mess,
 and no one even knows I’m here, what have I just finally dispread, 
I walk through the high school hall way, no one ever notices me, I wonder if I dead would they even want to  get to no me? 
I walk in shame for even my parents think I’m lame,
 I’m not pretty or cool, I’m not one of those types of girls who make boys drool,
 but what Is there left of my life, please tell me is everything going to turn out right, 
will I become a beautiful young lady, or will even God disown me and send me to hadys, 
I don’t know what to do, I haven’t got one clue what life is about,
 please someone help me get to the right route, 
But should I attempt to look through the mirror, and maybe notice I don’t have to fear about what I look like or if im pretty or not, cause maybe just maybe  some guy might think im hot, but not for my looks but for my personality,
 and maybe I might just feel like im back in reality, 
cause Im funny and nice and I was taught never to despise people or things, 
im a girl who dosent like jewelry and rings, 
you know what I was born this way, so hey this is me and you know what this is who I want to be.