Not a Masterpiece

Written by: Duane LaChance

This is not a masterpiece not a big surprise
To see these words appear before my eyes
Do I continue to write these little notes?
Or go back to being a normal bloke
It is a huge surprise to be able to write
Never did appear that this was my plight.
So I will continue till the end of dawn
Or until I can’t figure out what is wrong.
I feel the need to express the feelings inside
I have busted at the seams my thoughts my guide
Enjoy the words that I am able to write today
And maybe I’ll have the words to write everyday
But if I stop the written word for you to read
I have gone on to accomplish bigger deeds.
Please do not fret or frown as I go
I have no more to do on earth, the Lord told me so.
I am not writing this as a suicide note
Just some written words before I croak.

Duane A. LaChance Sr.  - 2012