the fight

Written by: simon nixon

“Why don’t you care?”
“I really don’t know”
“Why don’t you try, go on give it a go!”
Temperature is rising, chest has got tight
He starts to speak, and then I start the fight

 “Why did you hit him?”
“I can’t really say”
“You’re in lots of trouble, and it won’t go away”
I tilt on my chair and i stare at the light
He continues to talk, and then I start the fight!

“What you in here for?”
“what’s it to you?”
“im in for murder, and I might kill you too”
He just keeps on talking, it could be a long night
Until I loose my temper, and then I start the fight

My family are all crying
There’s shock all around
The priest has just finished as I go into the ground
Mum is now screaming, “no this can not be”
There’s no one to blame, there is no one but me!