Red Headed Sally

Written by: Deb Wilson

She wanted to keep a level head.
But Sally had hair that was quite red.
Her temper flared at the drop of a dime.
She tried to keep it in check each time.

Did all that she could to remain cool.
But a temper tantrum was the rule.
Blaming it all on her red hair.
Believing the hype that brought her there.

Morning,noon,and night she fought
with all around her and then she thought
why can't I simply get along
with everyone,this fighting's wrong!

So Sally began to change her ways.
Then her life saw much better days.
Like a racecar driver who wins the race
Sally put on a joyful face!

By Deb Wilson

for David Williams contest"Palindrome mad"

list of words: level,noon,did,racecar