Written by: lurese basug

I cant control the world 
It moves on it's own ways 
Just have to hold on in it and grab on for dear life.
I can't help everybody cause I cant even help mysel,
Im always making wrong decisions,
and end up falling down but no one sees me.
Should I fight it?
Can I make it through?
I want to loosen my grip,
I want to end all this.
I feel so alone,
Im really cold.
I feel so annoyed,
Im getting old.
I dont know where to find help,
I keep searching for someone to save me...
Im moving so slow,
I keep hurting myself when i want to go.
I should just think more,
And when the time is right I can move on faster than before....
Help me make it through,
I can no longer breath,
Wanna hold on to you.
Help me fight my fears,
Im weak now cause no ones there for me...
All my pain,
All my sadness,
All my worries,
All my heartaches,
broken peices my lifes right now,
going down in the road through darkness.....
Wanna shout out loud,
the anger inside..
Wanna let it go,
my emotions are so cold...
Im bleeding in the inside,
But nobody knows...
Why am I so different from everybody else?