Benevolent Emotional Rancor

Written by: Leonora Galinta

Recanting those memories that we have had, Is all I wanted to do; But, I could feel that they had entirely subsided Deep into my heart, And I feel it will hold the whole life through. Amidst the turmoils in life, I still have those memories; As if they really had aggregated within, Yet, I wish time helps me to extricate, Like a shooting star, hoping to vanish somewhere. No more pains, no more tears Are all I could wish; Because, I really love you that much, Although it hurts me, I need to let go and set you free. Day by day, I storm heaven with prayer, That we'll both find the real happiness; Happiness that is separately in our own, And only heaven knows, When our hearts meet again, never or soon. You must need to know even just through a dream, That I really need your help; Please, come just like a soft and gentle blow of wind, And do whisper into my ears, That I need to be happy; since, God knows what both of us is best. Come and tell me that you also fervently pray, That someday, somehow this emotional rancor of mine; Yet, benevolent will soon be compensated, By someone who will really love me, Love me even more than what you did.