Lively Company

Written by: Lone Hermit

The world would’ve been an empty zone,

If we were there, but all alone,

There would be few to talk on phone,

And feelings would not be known,


Sadness would creep inside and remain,

Happiness would not be easy to retain.


Thankfully, this is not the case,

The world has its own phase.


They are like a rainbow,

Different, but the same always,

Knowing you better throughout days,

Supporting you in various ways.


Whispers, chats, and other talks,

Hikes, parties, and outdoor walks.


A place where we belong,

Somewhere things go wrong,

But these are among…

…memories that will keep the link,

And will never seem to shrink.


Life takes turns, changes and has trends,

But unforgettable are one’s friends.