How to save characters

Written by: bekim tocani

How to save characters


How to save character tonight and forever

Not to enter into the hell of verses

Not to suffer as I then

Angels not to paint with the broken wings

To not feel pain nowhere and never as I do

To redo the prayer and say besides I love you


There have entered into rhymes or words and scribblings

Love of a great hopes or disappointments

Beliefs or infidelity, ego rusted in a misery

Romances, dreams and the road solitude

And the poet repeatedly above sufferings sow only love

Kingdom of Prayers, dimensions beyond brilliance


Oh Lord how to save them but not bleed the muse

There enter and leave people without invitation, masks, friends and evils

Hot to save them without being wounded within my verses

In the chronicle of beauty and evil, in the secrets and betrayals

In mysteries, ancient symbolism murderous passions

Not entering or leaving except for goodness planetary prayers