Morning anthem

Written by: Brenda Victoria Northeast

An annual muster   
Of black and yellow honey-eaters 
Chattering and tweeting 
Brought in the dawn this morning 
Against the backdrop 
Of a grey wet blanket sky lightly sun lit 
Heavy with the promise of rain

It was a wonderful atmospheric morning 
As I woke to the serenade of myriad sounds
It was like an orchestra at rehearsal time trying out 
All its musical instruments

A clanging cymbal in the distance was industrial banging cutting the air
And the ever-rushing cars on the wet highway
Sounded like the constant brushing sounds of a drummer scraping His drums
And like woodwind instruments piping was wood pigeons cooeeing
And the chirpy sounds of other birds were like flutes interjecting
And magpies chortling a Soprano song between an occasional dog bark
That sounded Like Maestro banging His baton to get the orchestra’s attention  

© Brenda V Northeast 28th March 2012