Beneath the waves

Written by: Brenda Victoria Northeast

Buried - corroded and torn
Beneath icy waves that continuously wash and toss 
Never to rise to the once grandeur
Of music, the dance, the laughter 
The high life I once paraded 
I have sunk into the gloom of dark watery depths 

I look longingly above to the once splendid light of day
That now just flickers teasingly into my watery grave
Once it was glittering chandeliers and cabin lights
I was once titanic, buoyant on the high seas 
Resilient and proud at the tossing of high waves-

Now through hollow, battered, buckled and bent walls
I house fish instead of the splendid defiant people I once knew
I know I will never rise to the beauty of light again
To the splendor of sailing, slicing freely through aquamarine waves
And the setting sun visions that turn waves to gold across a border-less horizon